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Welcome.  The original motivation for this website was my book on using Microsoft Access for data analysis and interrogation.  That book has now been superseded by my new book Forensic Analytics published in June, 2011 which covers many topics with about 150,000 words, 500 pages, 300 images, and 18 chapters on methods and techniques for forensic investigations.  The companion site for the book can be accessed by clicking the Forensic Analytics button on the left.

My newest book Benford's Law was published in April, 2012.  This book with about 110,000 words and 13 chapters covers the mathematics and the theory of Benford's Law together with many and varied applications including fraud, tax evasion, and Ponzi schemes.  The companion site for the book can be accessed by clicking the Benford's Law button on the left. The Benford's Law section will be updated from time to time with photos and other interesting or relevant items.

Each book has a Facebook page, "Forensic Analytics by Mark Nigrini," and "Benford's Law by Mark Nigrini."  My newest book "The Employee Fraud Pandemic" (250 pages) has been written and is now under review at a publisher.  If all goes well the book will be published in December, 2014.  Updates will be posted on the Facebook page "The Employee Fraud Pandemic by Mark Nigrini."


Mark J. Nigrini Ph.D.

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Morgantown, West Virginia, 26505

Tel: (609) 858-3820 (cell phone)

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Mark J. Nigrini Ph.D.

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