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Benford's Law Excel 2007/2010 software


USA and Canada version (scroll down for the rest of the world)

Price ($39), What's included, and order information

This program is only for users in the USA & Canada. The programs will not work in a country that does not use the decimal point (.) because the decimal point is used in my VBA code.  It will not work in a country where Excel 2007 is in a language other than English.


DATAS 2009 for Excel 2007/2010 (Benford's Law software for Excel 2007/2010)


These Benford's Law and number duplication programs run using Microsoft Excel 2007 on Windows XP.  The data analyst pastes (as in Copy and Paste) the data in column B on the spreadsheet and then clicks Run to execute the macros (programs).  There are three programs of which two run Benford's Law on your data and the third is the number duplication program which is a follow-on test to Benford's Law.  The three programs are easy to use with output in the form of tables and graphs.  The output can easily be formatted according to your preference.  The programs can analyze up to 1,048,575 records.  For data sets with less than 100,000 records you should have your results in less than one minute.  One million records might take 2 minutes to process.

DATAS 2009 for Excel 2007: Click here to see the documentation for the Excel 2007 Benford's Law software (Word 2007 document).

This program was released on Friday, July 10, 2009.  It's worked just fine ever since.

Rest of the world version


Price ($20), What's included, and order information

     This program is for users outside the USA & Canada. This is not a program that runs using VBA code.  It is a spreadsheet that automatically calculates the data profile and the first, second, first-two, and last-two digits of the data.  The data profile and the digit graphs are automatically recalculated based on your data.  The spreadsheet should work correctly in countries that use either the decimal point, or the comma as the decimal point.  You might need to do some tweaking to get the formulas to do exactly what you need.  However, this will take five minutes as opposed to taking hours to do everything from scratch.






Click here to see the documentation for the Excel 2007/2010 Benford's Law spreadsheet (Word document).


DATAS is the abbreviation for Digital Analysis Tests and Statistics.


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